Accurate, reliable and prompt Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew translations by an ATIO Certified Translator who is a native Hebrew speaker. No project is too big or too small!

Standard documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, driving experience, death certificate, academic diploma/transcript, etc.) can be translated and certified on the same day or the following day.


About me

I am an ATIO (Association of Translators and Interpreters in Ontario) Certified Translator, ATA member and ITA member with more than 40 years of experience in Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew translation. My areas of expertise include Aerospace, Business Administration, Information Technology, Education, Legal, Healthcare, Israeli government documents. Among others, I have written Hebrew abstracts for about 100 English business books written, and translated more than 10 business, IT and religion books from English to Hebrew - a partial list can be found at the bottom of this page.


Translation: Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew. My work can be certified with an ATIO stamp, which can replace certifying a translation by a Canadian Notary Public.

Reviewing/ Editing: English to Hebrew.

Interpretation: Simultaneous or Consecutive Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew interpretation by phone, online or in-person. 

Subtitling: English to Hebrew, Hebrew to English

Transcription: Hebrew

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     Nikud rules:עיקרי תורת הניקוד/

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Contact information


Cell phone: +1-226-338-8722 (EST/ GMT-5)



"We have always found that Dr. Tal's translations were thoroughly researched, carefully completed and proofread." - Susanne P., President of Textronics Communications, Toronto, Canada.

"I highly recommend Dr. Tal as an English - Hebrew - English translator." - Gil Peretz, CEO, The Center for Business Training, Tel-Aviv, Israel; co-author of Obama's Secrets.

"Dr. Oded Tal is one of our best resources, on whom we can always rely for quality translations, punctual deliveries, and courteous service. His work always pleases the client with profitable success." - M. Braver, Project Manager at Targem Translations, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Before you, several different translators recommended by Translatorbase, who also recommended you, translated the same short story. The grandchildren were not enchanted, until they read your version. I concurred with their recommendation. Unanimously, your translations are rated excellent”. – S. Shaul, Israel.

“I'm really satisfied with the job Oded did and recommend using his services. Oded’s responses to my emails were very quick and the translated documents were ready for my review the same day….If you are looking for Hebrew->English translation, according to my experience Oded would be an excellent choice.” - A. Normatov, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.

"Thank you so much for your excellent and thorough work. It is very much appreciated. Rest assured that if we have any more texts that we need transliterated and translated from Hebrew we will most certainly contact you." - Website Administrator, Hasidean Catholic Church, USA.

"Dr. Oded Tal did a thorough job, and went beyond what was required to make the translation as accurate as possible. It was clear he was engaged in the text and raised many problem issues, which needed addressing." - Marc Rasell, Author, Cornwall, UK.

"Mr. Tal is truly a professional of his field. His translations are accurate, thoroughly researched and always provided in a timely manner." - Lori J., Project Manager at Translationz, Palatine, IL, USA.

"We have had the pleasure to work with Dr. Oded Tal since March 2013. Due to his high quality work and his professionalism he has become our go-to resource for Hebrew translations within a few months. We highly recommend him to you without reservation." - S. Cron, Translation Relations Manager at Language Intelligence, Rochester, NY, USA.

"I would recommend Dr. Tal for his translation ability. Dr. Tal quickly turned around a needed request and provided professional Hebrew transcription and English translation of an audio file." - J. Haines, Ohio, USA.

"Oded always responds to our requests quickly, and he's an efficient translator who consistently hands in excellent work." - Jean-Philippe, Sales Manager at Asiatis Translation, Montreal, Canada.

"Mr. Tal is a wonderful translator. He operates quickly and precisely. He is easy to communicate with and responds to questions very promptly. I have been very much satisfied working with Mr. Tal and intend to seek his assistance in the future. I recommend most strongly that you work with Mr. Tal on your translation projects." - Dr. Marina Shafran, Staff Psychologist at Bucknell University, PA, USA.  

 "I needed translation of my foreign medical certificates. I was initially hesitant to work with someone I had never met and lived in another continent. Dr Tal's professionalism won me over. Recommended without reservations." - Dr. Nadav Berkovitz, Israel. 

"In order to submit for evaluation my Bachelor Degree Certificate that was issued in Hebrew I looked for an official Canadian translator from Hebrew to English. I communicated with Dr. Oded Tal by email, got the answer really fast, and within one day the required documents were sent to the Canadian Authorities on my behalf. Dr. Oded Tal took into account all my requests." - G. Laskov, Tel Aviv.